Managing Increased Business Traffic During the Holidays

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While the holidays might be a slower time for some industries, for others, the season means an increase in traffic to their business.

More customers is usually a good thing, but it may not be if you’re not prepared to manage the crowds! In some cases, holiday traffic can even be dangerous.

Here are some issues you should expect to come up if your business experiences increased traffic during the holiday season:

1. You don’t have enough employees to properly serve all of your customers.

This is one of the most common problems that businesses run into during the holiday season. There’s really only two ways to handle this – ask your current employees to work more shifts, or hire seasonal workers. This is really only a decision that you can make and may depend on the size of your business – if you have a large number of employees, chances are that enough of them will want to work extra shifts for the extra money to cover all of the additional customers. But if your business is smaller or you would prefer not to ask your current employees to work more for whatever reason, hiring seasonal workers may be the best option.

2. You’re running out of everything.

Whether it’s restaurant dishes or retail products, or something else entirely, you want to be able to provide anything and everything your customers are willing to pay money for. If you don’t have what customers want when they come to your business, you’re not only losing their business for that one time, but they’re not as likely to return next time they need a similar service or product!

To avoid this issue, look back on consumer demand in your business from previous holiday seasons and base your inventory on past trends. If for some reason this information is unavailable, then do your best make predictions based on general knowledge of your industry.

3. Your business is getting too dirty too quickly.

Whether it’s more people tracking dirt and moisture all over your floors or restroom toilet paper and soap dispensers that are always running out, it’s important to make sure you stay on top of your business upkeep. Resources will deplete faster and your business will deteriorate more quickly when traffic to your business increases.

If you don’t have a facility supply service, mat rental and cleaning service, or mop replacement service, now is the time to start. Outsourcing these minor tasks will ensure that you have all the products you need to keep your business clean and stocked with essentials throughout the holiday season.

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Happy holidays from your friends at SITEX!

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