Linen and Uniform Service in

Marion, IL

True quality can only come from true expertise. Go with the tried-and-true expert at commercial linen and uniform service in Marion. Trust only SITEX!

SITEX Provides Top-Notch Linen and Uniform Service in Marion at Competitive Rates

SITEX has all the solutions that your business needs for efficient, reliable commercial linen and uniform services. We have the experience and the solutions-oriented system that ensures results that truly meet your needs. We offer:

Uniform Service

Uniforms help form and define your brand. Make sure you have the right garments for the job with help from SITEX’s Marion uniform service! Our uniform service comes complete with a great selection of industrial uniforms, customization solutions, and superior uniform maintenance.

Kitchen Apparel

Get superior solutions for your kitchen apparel needs from SITEX! We have designed our kitchen apparel to meet your highest standards on form, function, and wearer comfort, as well as professional apparel maintenance that ensures the highest standards for hygiene and safety.

Commercial Linen Services

Make a good and lasting impression, one table at a time, with restaurant linens from SITEX! Our Marion restaurant linen services come fully equipped not only with a top-notch selection of linens, but also some of the most advanced linen care technology. Your linens are always clean, high-quality, and ready to boost your brand’s image and your customers’ satisfaction.  

Restroom and Mat Services

SITEX is not only an industry leader in linen and uniform service. We are also your partner in securing your business’ restroom essentials and commercial floor mat supplies. We make taking care of the bathroom and protecting floors from long-term damage affordable, effortless, and a huge benefit to your business with our complete selection of supplies. You can focus on your business, not on stocking up on restroom and janitorial essentials.

First Aid Services

Make your facility safer and better protect your employees with the most dependable first aid services in Marion! With SITEX’s first aid supply service, your safety kits have all the essentials, updated regularly, so you never run out of what you need.

SITEX: All the Support that Your Business Needs

SITEX is the linen and uniform service in Marion that has all your needs covered. Our comprehensive system makes sure that you have everything under control – from keeping your costs down to ensuring that your items are up to par with the highest industry standards.

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