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Earth Day + SITEX

By Sitex Corp   /    Monday, April 20, 2015   /   , , ,

Last month, we talked about our commitment to the environment and featured one of our partners, Washing Systems, LLC, for their work in creating a safer detergent and their award for their work towards conservation. In honor of Earth Day this week, we wanted to revisit this topic on an even broader scale. If you drive a hybrid car, use reusable bags and water bottles, or try to conserve water and electricity, you’re taking strides to reduce your environmental impact.

This is all well and good for individuals, but for businesses this can be a lot more challenging. Besides bringing a coffee mug to use at the office instead of paper cups and either putting your computer to sleep or turning it off when not in use, one of the best things you can do for the planet and your business is to streamline your laundry services.

Consider the care of a work uniform: The uniform is worn to work, and gets dirty on the job. If that’s your only uniform, that means a wash each evening to clean it. You pay upfront costs for detergent and other stain removers and have the water and energy bill to pay at the end of each month, as well as seeing an increase in the amount of water you’re consuming overall. This is precisely where a laundry rental service can help. Any industry that requires linens and textiles can use a laundry or textile rental service to reduce their energy and product waste and save money.

Restaurants who use a linen rental service for tablecloths and napkins can incorporate the rental fees into menu pricing, almost eliminating the cost of linens for their business. By using a commercial laundry service, you won’t have to worry about the costs of detergent or risk damaging your work-wear or ruining your washer from debris from your uniform. Forget about washer and dryer maintenance, just another thing for you to worry about.

Renting textiles from a commercial laundry service also means you’re investing in a more sustainable future. Professional laundry facilities use on average: 20-35% less water, 10% less gas, and 5% less electricity than average laundries because their machines are designed to handle large washing loads. Most commercial washers can process more than 20lbs at one time, which means fewer loads overall, and less energy used.

While using your office mug and recycling paper are still great choices for the office, consider taking your environmental efforts a little bit further with a laundry rental service. Contact SITEX to get started.


Want more tips on how you can reduce your business’ environmental impact?


  • Use recycled paper in the office. Currently, only 10% of paper in American offices is recycled, but creating recycled paper uses 90% less water and half the energy than new paper.
  • Use real utensils in a good kitchen facility. Providing employees with things like a microwave and refrigerator so they can bring food from home helps save money on meals and reduces waste. Avoid trash created by disposable goods by providing reusable utensils and cups.
  • Use electronic documents. Try to reduce paper use wherever possible.
  • Turn your computer off when not in use. Or at the very least, put it to sleep. If the computer stays on and plugged in, you’re using unnecessary power.
  • If allowed, bring an indoor plant. A plant will help filter surrounding air by absorbing pollutants (which can keep you from getting that cold that’s going around) and computer radiation.