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SITEX Services for Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Tennessee Businesses

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You know SITEX to be a powerhouse for linen and laundry services, but we are so much more than that! Here’s what SITEX can do for your business:

Services We Offer

SITEX has a number of services to offer the diverse business community of our service areas:

  • Workwear. Commercial and industrial workwear are some of the most important aspects of the services that we offer here at SITEX. We have a complete range of industrial workwear that includes high-visibility and flame-resistant garment selections, outerwear, and your basic crew-wear, and industrial shirts and pants. Additionally, we have a selection of professional restaurant apparel to outfit your entire team. From your chefs and cooks to the rest of your crew! 
  • Restaurant Linens. Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Tennessee restaurants have better and wider options for table linens thanks to SITEX. We also offer different types of towels and other restaurant textiles to elevate not just the appearance of your business space, but also to help improve the efficiency of your operations.
  • Restroom and Dust Control. No one likes a dirty space of business! Your business has a partner in us with our restroom and dust control solutions. Our restroom and facility services include restroom supplies like paper products, hand hygiene products, floor mats, floor mops, and all-around disposable gloves ideal for all of your cleanup needs.
  • First Aid Service. SITEX also helps your business meet safety standards with our first aid supply services. This service makes sure that you have OSHA compliant first aid kit(s) in all areas of your facility. Even more important than that, we make sure that each kit is fully stocked so you don’t have to doubt the safety of the items you keep.

Our services are never just a one-time service. All of our services come with maintenance (for linens) and supply replenishment (for restroom and first aid services). That’s where the SITEX brand of excellence really shines!  

What SITEX Truly Does for Your Business

SITEX does more than just deliver your supplies. We do more than just make sure that your linen closets have enough for each shift, or that everyone in your crew has uniforms for each day of the workweek.

SITEX is so much more than that.

SITEX is in the business of helping our local businesses achieve their best potential. The efficiency of our operations, the convenience we bring to your business, and the unmatched reliability of our services – all of these free you from the burdens of having to do everything yourself. It’s knowing that what you’ve entrusted us with is cared for so well that you can cross linens, uniforms, mops, and mats off of your to-do list. 

What does that leave you with? Peace of mind, certainty, and freedom to pursue things that better your business and grow your brand.

With SITEX, It’s a Partnership

Let’s get this partnership started today! Call SITEX at (270) 631-2231 or send us a message here for all your inquiries or to request a consultation with a SITEX rep.