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Table linen sets your holiday part ambiance

By Sitex Corp   /    Friday, November 29, 2013   /   , , , ,

With the holidays quickly approaching, everyone is sure to have a packed schedule with parties, dinner dates, office parties, and holiday get-togethers.  Nothing sets the mood of an event like the table linen and napery used.  Choosing your holiday linen selection can be difficult.  Here are a few tips for making it easier and taking the pain out of one of the things on your checklist.

  1. Decide what tone you want to set for your event.  If cool and casual is what you are looking for consider using linen table cloths but paper napkins.  Or skip the table cloths all together and just use cloth napkins.  Using only one cloth item, either table cloths or napkins, will help to keep your holiday party light and fun.  If you are looking for a more formal affair, choose all cloth.  Nothing says formal like having your tables set in cloth table linen and cloth napkins.
  2. Select your colors wisely.  If you are planning a dinner with spaghetti, don’t choose white napkins.  Consider how your napkins will hold up against your menu and drink selections.  You want something that will coordinate with you theme, but also you want something that will make your guest feel comfortable using.  No one wants to feel like they are going to ruin their host’s cloth napkins.
  3. Consider your budget.  Cloth table linens and cloth napkins can become expensive quickly.  An extra table here and there can add a significant amount to your linen expense.  Over ordering cloth napkins is a waste of resources.  Yes you want everyone to have one and to not run out, but you also don’t want a lot of extra that never get used.  Getting extra table linens and cloth napkins that do not get used is throwing money down the drain.  You bought or rented them, and you won’t get your money back for the rental.  Don’t spend too much on these items that you have to downplay your menu!

The holiday season can get hectic, but don’t let your choice of table linen slow you down.  Stay calm and keep on enjoying the season by following these 3 tips.  Choosing your table linens for your holiday party should not take the fun out of your holiday season.  Happy Holiday Parties!