Fire and Water when it comes to FR Uniforms

Care of Flame Resistant Uniforms

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At SITEX, we not only consider ourselves experts in helping companies create a professional image for their team members, but also experts in the care and repair of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Last week, we made our case about the benefits of flame resistant garments, but a slapdash approach to their care will leave them…

Construction Worker with reflective vest

Stand out for Safety

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It’s often said in the Midwest that there are really only two seasons, Winter and construction season. However, no matter the time a year, thousands of workers, public service officers and recreationalists take to the roads for work and play. One thing they have in common? They all know how important it is to be…

Industrial worker causing shower of sparks

Flame Resistant Uniforms: Why You Need Them

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For many industries, the cost of flame resistant clothing may seem daunting, especially in comparison to everyday work clothing. However, proper protective uniforms should be seen as an investment in the safety of your workers. Since 1970, workplace fatality rates have been reduced by more than 66 percent and occupational injury and illness rates have…

Building a building in safety uniform

Building a summer uniform

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If you’ve ever packed incorrectly for vacation, you know what it’s like to suffer through a hot day in long sleeves and thick pants. It’s not a great feeling. However, if you only have one all-season uniform, your employees may be having a similar experience. Don’t let sun, sweat or heat stop your employees from…

disposable gloves

Keeping the proper protection at hand: A guide to disposable gloves

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Wearing disposable gloves can be a nuisance. Maybe the gloves keep sliding, making a sure grip impossible. Or they break at inconvenient times, possibly endangering your ability to perform your job safely. From food service to healthcare to sanitation, disposable gloves are part of the everyday workday but often the specific needs of each profession…

At the laundry mat

Will it wash?

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Pennies, gum wrappers, bobby pins… just a few things that fall out of pockets and into the washer. While we usually try to keep non-clothing objects out of the washer, some items are perfectly cleaned by the washing machine. Here are 5 items people commonly wonder about that are safe to go into the washer….