microfiber cloth polishing dark wood

The benefits of cleaning with microfiber

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At SITEX, we put a big focus on reducing our carbon footprint by not only providing environmentally friendly services but we also provide our customers with products that help them become a more green company too! Microfiber technology has been one of the most significant product innovations in the cleaning industry in the last century….

restroom supplies and mops

Are you using the wrong mop for the job?

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With a range of floor surfaces, room sizes, and business industries, it’s natural that our floor cleaning needs have evolved over the years. Gone are the days when the word ‘mop’ only meant a large head filled with white cotton fibers attached to a wooden handle. As a business, you are often faced with a…

Spring flowers and spring cleaning

Get a head start on spring cleaning!

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Winter may seem endless, but with daylight savings time right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get a head start on your spring cleaning.  Here are some things to make sure you tackle for a fresh start come spring.  Clean up those door mats. Door mats and floor mats are the front line…

Floor Mats and Dust Control

Mats, Mops, and Cleaning Control with SITEX

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Did you know that spending $1 towards preventing dust, dirt and debris from entering your building could save you $10 in cleaning costs? If not, SITEX can help! Dust mats and mops working together make a powerful duo that can keep your facilities clean. That being said, what do you need? SITEX offers a variety…