Laundry detergent for washing

Pros and Cons of Homemade Laundry Detergent

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In the same way that many businesses have been transitioning to a more eco-conscious mindset, so have many families. One easy way to transition to natural living is by replacing store bought products with homemade items, so you can oversee concentration and elimination of extraneous ingredients. Why switch to a natural laundry soap? Depending on…

Back to school with friends

Back to school laundry advice

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It’s back to school season at SITEX, where many of our employees are sharing first day of school photos and comparing school supplies lists. While school shopping is a yearly occurrence, the cost can catch us off guard. This makes it more important than ever to try to make items like uniforms, backpacks, and sports…

Tide of laundry and common mistakes

Common Laundry Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

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Laundry is something that mothers seem to be experts in, but for those of you attempting to decipher tags, washer and dryer settings and detergent labels, laundry can seem like speaking another language. Show of hands, how many of you have at one point given up entirely and just thrown all your clothing in together,…

At the laundry mat

Will it wash?

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Pennies, gum wrappers, bobby pins… just a few things that fall out of pockets and into the washer. While we usually try to keep non-clothing objects out of the washer, some items are perfectly cleaned by the washing machine. Here are 5 items people commonly wonder about that are safe to go into the washer….