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SITEX is Proud to be Affiliated with Apparel Services Network

SITEX has proudly joined the Apparel Services Network (ASN). ASN is a group of independent laundry businesses that specialize in industrial linens and uniforms. ASN provides national coverage for all of your linen and uniform service needs. ASN has been meeting customer needs since 2004. ASN has partnerships with some of the largest manufacturers in order to provide customers with apparel for their business.


Linen and Uniform Service in Kentucky


linen uniform service kentucky

Don’t let subpar Kentucky uniform and linen service tarnish your business’s reputation. For commercial linen and uniform services in Kentucky that go beyond the so-so and the okay, trust only SITEX!

SITEX’s services come with the assurance of experience, expertise, and a reputation that stems from years of dedicated, high-quality work.

Top-Notch Kentucky Linen and Uniform Service

From basic linens to high-stakes industrial uniforms, SITEX is your number one choice for commercial linen and uniform service in Kentucky. We offer reliable, enviable quality in everything that we do – from our product selection to our employees and delivery professionals.

And the best part? We make it all easy. SITEX gives you the best in:

Uniform Service

Equip your employees with the right garments to make work easier, better, and more productive. SITEX offers a wide range of professional uniforms, including high-visibility and outerwear selections.

Kitchen Apparel

SITEX is the Kentucky uniform service that has the answer to your restaurant’s kitchen apparel needs! We have a complete selection of high-quality kitchen apparel, suitable for use in every area of your business.

Commercial Linen Service

We have the best solutions for your commercial linen service needs. Our selection of restaurant linens is durable, presentable, and designed to meet the highest standards of hygiene.

Restroom and Mat Service

Dirty restrooms and floors can cost you business. Keep your business space clean with a little help and nudge from SITEX’s restroom and mat services. We offer mats, mops, gloves, and a selection of restroom implements.

First Aid Service

Upgrade your workplace safety compliance with SITEX’s first aid supply service. This service will ensure that your facility’s first aid kits are up-to-date, complete, and ready to use in an emergency situation.

Cities in Kentucky We Service (List Developing)

Bowling Green



The Best Commercial Linen and Uniform Service Company in Kentucky

Move on from the mediocre and upgrade your business’s linen and uniform service with the right service provider. In Kentucky, commercial linen and uniform service is SITEX!

SITEX has been serving businesses of all types and sizes since 1961. The secret to our success and longevity has always been simple: we keep things personal. We make sure that everything we do suit your needs and solves your issues, not what the people from a distant corporate office tell us.

At SITEX, it’s not simply about being great at what we do. It’s about using what we’re good at to bring you the best results for your needs.

Contact SITEX Today for Kentucky’s Best Service!

Get started on your service today. Call SITEX at (270) 631-2231 to speak with a consultant who can walk you through your options and give you pricing information.