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SITEX is Proud to be Affiliated with Apparel Services Network

SITEX has proudly joined the Apparel Services Network (ASN). ASN is a group of independent laundry businesses that specialize in industrial linens and uniforms. ASN provides national coverage for all of your linen and uniform service needs. ASN has been meeting customer needs since 2004. ASN has partnerships with some of the largest manufacturers in order to provide customers with apparel for their business.

Linen and Uniform Service in Frankfort, KY

A good Frankfort linen and uniform service is not easy to find. However, that doesn’t mean you should stick with what you’ve already got. There is only one company that will do what Frankfort businesses need it to do. 

SITEX Has What You’re Looking For!

SITEX is an industry-leading Frankfort linen and uniform service. We are unique from our competitors for a variety of reasons, the most important of which are our:

History of Service

SITEX has been in business since 1961. In that time, we have learned a great deal about the importance of high-quality service. We provide specialists who are exhaustively trained in their fields and available 24/7 to assist with any concerns or issues that may arise. We also work closely with several different organizations to give back to communities like Frankfort for doing business with us. 

Quality Products and Services

At SITEX, we provide clients with only the best linens and uniforms. Each goes through comprehensive testing for durability and effectiveness. They withstand the harshest of conditions and messes that can be found in a variety of industries. We offer:

  • Uniforms Services: Our uniform services in Frankfort include industrial work shirts, industrial work pantsouterwearautomotive workwearhigh-visibility apparelenhanced visibility apparelflame-resistant garments, and lab coats. We help you through every step of the process, from selection to laundering to replacement, so that you always have the high-quality apparel that you need.
  • Linen Services: Impress your guests and diners with professional-quality table linens, napkins, towels, and aprons. Our special restaurant and hospitality linens come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes – surely there is one that perfectly matches your business’s needs.
  • Kitchen Apparel: Restaurant apparel needs to look great but also be able to withstand the rigorous conditions of the food service industry. SITEX meets these needs with high-quality kitchen services. From back-of-the-house chef and cook uniforms to front-of-the-house apparel, we can provide you with stylish and durable options.
  • Restroom & Mat Services: No one likes a dirty business – especially not your clients! Keep an impressively clean, sparkling, and hygienic facility with our selection of restroom products, mops, mats, and disposable gloves.
  • First Aid Services: With SITEX’s first aid programs, you won’t have to worry about whether you have the right items to deal with an unexpected workplace injury. Our cabinets are compliant with OSHA and ANSI standards, keeping your supplies organized. We can customize a first aid program for your business!


SITEX’s commercial laundry service ensures sustainability for our clients. Not a single linen or uniform will pass through our facilities without being completely cleaned, repaired, or even fully replaced if necessary. The reusable nature of our stock means we are significantly less affected by global stock shortages and our clients even less so. Our sustainability efforts also extend to environmental friendliness. Our efforts to lower energy usage and save on water, electricity, and gas have earned us a Green Seal of approval. 

SITEX is Your One-Stop-Shop for Frankfort Linen and Uniform Service

SITEX supplies the best Frankfort linen and uniform service in the industry! Start today by calling (270) 631-2231 or by contacting us here