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First impressions are formed in seconds. Does your business have what it takes to make a good first impression? The right linen and uniform services in Terre Haute, Indiana ensure that your brand shines through from that first interaction. Our uniform services, restaurant services, restroom and mat services and more will help your business stand out!

Uniform Services

When you choose uniform services in Terre Haute, Indiana from SITEX, you’re getting more than just uniforms. You’re investing in teamwork, workforce pride and customer security. We offer any uniform style your team could ever need!

Work Shirts

Work Pants


Automotive Wear

High Visibility

Enhanced Visibility


Lab Coats

Storage Solutions

Kitchen Apparel and Linen Services

We have a large selection of napkins, tablecloths and apparel to fit whatever aesthetic you’re looking to achieve! After all, nowhere are first impressions more important than in the food service industry. Get high-quality kitchen apparel and linen services from SITEX. All of our embroidery work is done in-house to maintain complete quality control. 

Restroom and Mat Services

The tougher the working environment, the more you need SITEX to help keep your facility clean and promote an image of quality and care. We can offer the latest in Green Seal-certified paper products, hand sanitizers and soaps, so that your clients and employees will always have a good experience in your restrooms. Plus, our mats will help you maintain workplace safety and hygiene, and our dust and wet mops will keep your floors clean. 

First Aid Services

SITEX provides and maintains first aid kids that are specialized for different industries and company sizes. Our kits address the hazards of a variety of businesses!

We Have You Covered

For uniform services in Terre Haute and more that can help your business run smoothly, get in touch with our textile service experts today! 

Contact us today at 270-631-2231 and get a free quote. Our representatives will help you create the right program for your business.