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SITEX is Proud to be Affiliated with Apparel Services Network

SITEX has proudly joined the Apparel Services Network (ASN). ASN is a group of independent laundry businesses that specialize in industrial linens and uniforms. ASN provides national coverage for all of your linen and uniform service needs. ASN has been meeting customer needs since 2004. ASN has partnerships with some of the largest manufacturers in order to provide customers with apparel for their business.

Linen and Uniform Service in Tennessee

linen uniform service tennessee

Looking for a quality uniform and linen service in Tennessee? Well, look no further because SITEX has you covered. Here’s how we became a cut above the rest:

The Best Products and Services in Tennessee

Here is what SITEX has to offer your Tennessee business:

Uniform Services

Tennessee uniform services have never been this easy or complete! SITEX has the largest selection of uniforms and apparel for a variety of industries. No matter what your specific uniform needs, SITEX has the options you need. Choose from our selections of Industrial Work ShirtsIndustrial Work PantsOuterwearAutomotive WearHigh-VisibilityEnhanced VisibilityFlame-Resistant Garments, and Lab Coats.

Kitchen Apparel

SITEX offers a complete selection of professional apparel for the food service industry. We have everything you need to dress up your hard-working crew – from the front-of-the-house operations to your back-of-the-house essentials – all in a quality that benefits your brand’s image.

First Aid

Are you taking the safety of your employees and customers seriously? Then you need first aid supplies on hand in case of an emergency. With SITEX first aid programs, you won’t have to worry about whether you have the right items to deal with an unexpected workplace injury. Our cabinets are compliant with OSHA and ANSI standards, keeping your supplies organized. We can customize a first aid program for your business!

Restroom and Mat Services

For any business, keeping your commercial restrooms clean and your floors free of dirt and moisture should be a priority, and SITEX can help. We deliver floor care items like mats, mops, and restroom products, including soap and paper products. With SITEX, you’ll never be without the essential supplies you need to create a pleasant restroom experience for your customers. Plus, with our mats, you can reduce dirt in your facility and also prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

Linen Services

High-quality restaurant linens and commercial towels don’t have to come at a ridiculous cost or with an even more ridiculous amount of work to manage and maintain. There’s always SITEX for that! SITEX is Tennessee’s preferred supplier of linens and commercial towels of all kinds for different types of industries.

Quality Assurance

SITRAX is our automated sorting and tracking system that uses barcode technology to carefully identify, arrange, and maintain the quality of uniforms and linens. Our customers also have access to the SITEX Smart Garment Mobile App so they can manually keep track of our operations themselves should they choose to do so. 

Durable Material

SITEX ensures only the best when it comes to durability. Our textiles are second to none with constant testing and improvements to our technology, allowing them to put up with the worst conditions imaginable. Stains, moisture, and color loss are things of the past with our uniform and linen service.

History of Service

We were founded 60 years ago in 1961 as a family business. The Sights family prides itself on being as active in the day-to-day operations of SITEX facilities as possible, never more than a quick phone call or email away. With us, there’s no more waiting around for a bunch of talking heads hundreds of miles away to make decisions about your uniforms and linens. The SITEX assurance also means you get transparency, integrity, low prices, and fast response and approval times. 


At SITEX, we believe strongly in philanthropy, charity, and helping others in any way we can. That’s why we are heavily involved in giving back to the many local communities where we do business. We want to make the world a better place to live in. That’s why we have a charter with the Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program. All of our materials come from environmentally-friendly sources. Additionally, we recycle and reuse our plastics and water. As a result, our energy consumption is significantly lower than most uniform and linen service companies.

SITEX is the Uniform and Linen Service Your Tennessee Business Needs

SITEX has all the right tools to provide quality uniform and linen service to businesses throughout our wide service area. Call us at (270) 631-2231 or contact us here for more information.